The Woking Wurlitzer

Woking Leisure Centre in Surrey, England is the home to an impressive 1937 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ made in America and now housed in the ‘Wurlitzer Hall’ at the leisure centre.

Concerts are played at the leisure centre periodically by renowned organists such as Michale Wooldridge and Len Rawle, staged by the American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) who installed the 15 ton organ in 1995. The society modified the Wurlitzer by adding extra pipes from which the sound is delivered via ‘percussions’ situated in three purpose-built chambers. To act as an interface between the organ's keys and pipes a 'digital relay transmission system' costing £20,000 was fitted by ATOS, which now allows the integration of digital MIDI instrumentation.

The Granada Cinema at Welling in Kent was the organ's original home. Even as far back as 1937 the value of the instrument was an astronomical ten thousand pounds. Wurlitzer organ production ceased in 1939.


Woking Leisure Centre tel: 01483 771122
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